Yesterday we visited the Salesian Sisters in Lviv. We carried food, medicines, dressings, blankets, chemicals and hygiene. In addition, on the bus we had about 1,000 sandwiches from the “Las Rąk” Foundation and 1,200 from the Salesian Sisters of Łomianki.

At the Budomierz junction, on the Ukrainian side, we left some sandwiches and foils NRC. The help desk always works better there. There are already large heated curtains in the interior with stoves. Migrants can eat hot soup or other food here, drink hot tea, find a blanket or warm clothes. There is a tent with camping beds. The volunteers are Ukrainians from nearby cities and the initiative comes from the local authorities.

The remaining sandwiches, about 1,500, were brought to Lviv and the Salesian nuns delivered some to the factory for men who make metal crosses on the streets to stop the tanks. The second part went to Kakadrmi, where refugees from the east are admitted. As Sister Jolanta wrote today: “Yesterday a new group of refugees went there, about 600 people! Oh, how grateful they were for those sandwiches!!!! They had to be for them.”

We have brought Mrs. Walentina, who was evacuated from Żytomierz in Poland, to Lviv. His family found refuge near Lviv. Ms. Walentyna decided that she wanted to return to Ukraine and her family and, if necessary, she would die there as well. On the way back to Poland we brought two students and two mothers with small children. The women with children stayed with us for the night and today continue their journey.

Thanks to all donors. Thank you this help is possible.

Fot. I. Błędowska