I am currently working in France – says Wiktor. As soon as my 28-year-old son told me about the horror of their situation in Ukraine, I immediately started to act to put my loved ones in a safe place.

In our town, Zhytomyr, the bombing started, and my wife Tatiana, our son, and his wife Masha live there with my grandson Dawid, as well as my son’s mother-in-law Zofia.

On March 2, my son took his family to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Our meeting took place there, full of emotions, between hugs and tears. Unfortunately, the son had to stay and I made another trip in my car to find a safe place.

So we arrived in Warsaw, at the Multicultural Center. We received the help we needed. On March 6 we were admitted to your Salesian Mission Center for which we are very grateful, although we wish to have a bigger corner, an apartment, for the sake of my daughter-in-law and little Dawid.

Wiktor, husband of Tatiana and father-in-law of Masha

Masha (26) and her son Dawid (1.5), Tatiana (62), and Zofia (82) were forced to flee the bombed-out Zhytomyr. They came to us at the beginning of March. Seeing their difficult situation we started looking for an apartment for them. Thanks for the contacts between Salesians working in Poland and abroad, we reached a man from Germany who recently informed us that he could accommodate a family of five from Ukraine! The offer still stood. A house with a kitchen, bathroom, and three bedrooms and he was waiting for the whole year.

On March 7, a happy family left our Center and started their journey. The next day they arrived at their destination! These are the little miracles we experience! We are so happy we were able to help!

This is another story of a family we helped.