There is stress. At the same time there is a great willingness to give a helping hand and be with the people.

Their shelter is always basement as well as the corridors of the schools with no windows and thick walls. Air raids cause even more stress. We could see that the people are living with nervousness, uncertainty, fear, etc.

However, missionaries make an effort to stay in touch with students and families. They open their homes to them. They arrange transportation for people fleeing the war.

Prayer is their source of strength! Indeed, they feel your spiritual support! They ask even more of Your prayers and at the same time, when they have the opportunity they also organize prayer services.



And the impression is that a whole month has passed.

The brain works differently under stressful conditions. It’s hard to concentrate. I started talking to myself out loud about what to do now because in a moment I might forget.

I spent the night in the school corridors because there are no windows and there are thick walls on both sides.

In the evening the neighbors came to the shelter. Among them is a group of children and teenagers. We had dinner together, the children making up various games or looking at the phone screen. I proposed to them a daily prayer to do together. Two people came, and the others apologized for sitting at the table and forgetting.

In this situation, though, someone is calling or writing asking how they could help. People who haven’t spoken to me in years are now expressing solidarity. This helps a lot, wrote fr. Michał Wocial this morning.

We do as we can. We buy medical supplies, food, and medicine and then move them to Ukraine. We provide shelter for refugees. We mediate in contacts, fundraising, and various initiatives.

We pray for peace! And we help Ukraine. Support Project 687.