This morning we received tragic information about the beginning of military operations in Ukraine. Border patrols along with checkpoints are under attack. There are missile attacks in many cities. Let’s give a helping hand to support at this difficult time! We ask God for peace in Ukraine and around the world!

Let us pray for peace through the words of St. Paul II:

God of our fathers,
great merciful
Lord of peace and life,
father of all.
You have plans for peace and not for affliction,
you condemn wars
You condemn wars and overthrow the pride of the violent.
You sent your son Jesus
To proclaim peace to those near and far,
to gather men of every race and stock
into one family.
Hear the unanimous cry of your children,
the heartfelt plea of all humanity:
Never again war,
adventure without return,
never again war,
spiral of grief and violence,
threat to your creatures
in heaven, on earth, and at sea.
In communion with Mary, the mother of Jesus,
we still implore you
speak to the hearts of those responsible for the fate of peoples
Stop the logic of retaliation and revenge,
suggest with your spirit new solutions,
generous and honorable gestures,
spaces for dialogue and patient waiting
more fruitful than the hurried deadlines of war.
Grant our time days of peace.
Never again war.

As part of humanitarian aid, we are launching a special fundraiser as immediate help for all those who are suffering from the attack on their country.

Support PROJECT No. 687




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