My name is Lateef, a Sirian. I fled from the war in Ukraine. My brother and I went to Ukraine to pursue our studies in the University of Medicine in Zaporizhia.

When the war burst out we stayed home for two days until the fire enemy hit the part of the city where we were staying. From then we decided to left the city towards the polish border. We tried our best to reach Leopoli and about 20:30 we’ve found a train. From the station the people let us took the train for free. In all these situations we found lovely people which we could never forget.

Then we took a car. From Leopoli to Poland we continued our journey with other persons but there was a huge queu of traffic and we were forced to leave the car and walked for 50 kilometers in about 9 hours.

After the first checkpoint we waited for 4 days before we reached Poland. There we met a guy named Kuba, a very kind polish, who helped us reach Warsaw, Polish capital city. We are so grateful for his kindness. We are likewise grateful for the generosity enjoyed from the Salesian Missionary Center for they permitted us to stay in their ambience providing foods and medicine as well.

For the meantime we are reaching out for a place in Europe where we can continue and finish our studies. We hope the best for Ukraine and that nobody must face again a war like this.

Fot. I. Błędowska