Let’s help Ukraine!

The sisters together with the residents take refuge in the basement. They support and care for people to the greatest extent possible.

When there are no raids and attacks, they make bandages and dressings from the bed sheets. They cut the material into smaller pieces and roll it up, so that, someone can stop the blood of the injured. From what they have, they prepare the masking nets. After all this, they move on to the person who brings everything to the front-line fighters.

Long live Jesus! The Lord is watching over us! Every day is a gift – they register on TV. We, the sisters, are left alone. While, people from neighbouring houses are taking refuge here with us, we watch and pray. In quieter and peaceful moments, we make bandages from the bed sheets for wounded soldiers. Of course, we place them under the protection of Mary.

Let’s pray for peace! And let’s support Ukraine. PROJECT 687.