The Salesians stayed in Ukraine. They could have returned to Poland, but all of them decided to stay in Ukraine to give support to the inhabitants of Ukraine during this difficult situation.

Fr. Michał Wocial, who has sent us a photo of Zhytomyr, informed us on Friday: “The school was closed. The same day evening, at 4 am, neighbors came to asked if they could use our shelter. They thought something might happen so they better sit down. I sat with them and we got to know each other a little bit, I haven’t known my neighbors for a long time. At 9 o’clock they went back to their homes. We need a generator and blankets because the refugees have got nothing to cover themselves.”

It was quiet on Friday in the Zhytomyr region, but there were armed vehicles nearby. Residents live in constant uncertainty and with fear.

We are looking to buy a generator and things needed for the refugee.

We have started a fundraiser as emergency aid for the inhabitants of Ukraine PROJECT NO. 687.